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Scaffolded Social-Emotional Learning Lessons for All Grade Levels

Watch our sample lesson videos to see for yourself how our scaffolded lessons are designed to meet students where they are in their development, with content appropriate for elementary, middle and high school students. You'll also see how the lessons cover a range of topics including self-respect, empathy, perspective and goal setting, which are delivered through a mix of interactive videos, quizzes and activities.


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See How Suite360's Lessons Feature Relevant Topics to Help Students' Improve Their Social & Emotional Growth

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Professionally Developed & Age-Appropriate Lessons for K-12 Students

Suite360 for Students delivers relevant, engaging lessons on essential topics that can help improve school culture and climate, mental health and behavior while developing students’ social-emotional skills. Flexible delivery options, including whole class, student led, and blended learning options, allow schools to customize the curriculum to meet the unique needs of each school.

Our scaffolded lessons correlate with age and cognitive ability from kindergarten through grade 12 and include weekly themes that offer flexibility for classroom teachings.

Web-based and mobile-friendly lessons use videos, interactive games and informative articles that are engaging and age-appropriate.




Sequenced & Scaffolded Lessons


Relevant & Age-Appropriate