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Navigate360' Social-Emotional Learning Professional Development

Our professional development (PD) offerings provide opportunities for your schools to improve social-emotional learning (SEL) understanding, build a schoolwide SEL culture and improve fidelity in the implementation of an SEL program. Download our free guide to see how our PD can:

  • Increase program buy-in by engaging educators and ensuring they feel supported
  • Strengthen SEL understanding by building educators’ background knowledge in SEL
  • Offer ongoing support for your schools & faculty


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Help Teachers & Staff Support a Positive School Climate & Thrive Professionally

Research shows that implementing a comprehensive SEL program leads to improved academic outcomes, positive school climate, reduced behavioral issues and improved mental health. In order to see these benefits, educators and administrators need the support and resources to implement SEL with confidence.

In this guide, you’ll learn how our SEL PD provides schools and teachers with valuable insights, practical tips and research-backed strategies that will help you build a strong foundation in SEL. SEL can help you to create a positive and inclusive classroom culture and meet the social and emotional needs of your students.

Remember that the success of any program depends on training and preparation. We’re here to help you every step of the way with our SEL PD packages, a la carte training, coaching and customized sessions.

Get our guide now to find out how our SEL PD can help your program succeed.