10 Reasons Why a Certified Professional Should Conduct Your Risk Assessment

A lot of schools spend time managing their current safety operations and assets but don't step back to see what might be missing. A comprehensive risk assessment can help your schools uncover hidden weaknesses you may not know about.

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You don't know what you don't know.
Download our eBook to discover 10 reasons why a certified professional should conduct your risk assessment.

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Why Risk Assessments Need to Be Conducted by Professionals

To eliminate organizational and personal bias from a risk assessment, your schools should never self-assess. When it comes to hiring a professional to conduct your risk assessment, the benefits far exceed the costs.

  • Integrating equipment, people and procedures is a skill
    Certification and qualifications are weighted heavily in any liability proceedings involving risk management.
  • Professional certification is a rigorous process
    ASIS International board certification is the leading physical security designation in the private sector.
  • Thorough risk assessments look outside/in and inside/out
    Traditional surveys typically look only at the security measures that attempt to slow an approaching threat and provide time for response. An inside/out-outside/in survey looks at your training, infrastructure and evacuation routes for internal critical events.


You must know your risks to achieve a true culture of safety for your staff.


Identify risks based on an unbiased assessment and comprehensive analysis by board-certified professionals.


Protect your organization and ensure compliance as assessed by professionals.