Navigate360 Solution

Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning and Restorative Curriculum (Suite360 from Evolution Labs)

  • Suite360 Student: Character development and social-emotional learning for students. Scaffolded lessons for students in grades K12 on themes linked to all five CASEL competencies, with additional lessons on bullying, diversity issues and mental health care.
  • Suite360 Intervention: Intervention and restorative justice for students who exhibit challenging behaviors. Students may be assigned specific lessons based on their needs. Lessons follow a restorative justice model turning behavioral issues into learning opportunities as students are taught about implications of their actions, how they can restore any relationships that were damaged, and how they can move forward with healthier behaviors.
  • Suite360 Parent: Support programming for parents and caregivers to equip them to be the school’s ally and to continue conversations about topics at home.
  • Suite360 Staff: Programs to empower school and district staff with SEL strategies, talking points, professional development opportunities and adult wellness.
  • Mental Health & Prevention program designed to teach students in grades K12 how to care for their mental health and how to respond when they or someone they care about experiences thoughts, feelings or behaviors that keep them from doing what they need or want to do.